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Cambodia How To Get There

Special Airfare from Bangkok - Phnom Penh - Bangkok
* Bangkok Airways(PG) roundtrip airfare only Baht 9,200 nett
* President Airlines (TO) roundtrip airfare only Baht 7,000 nett
* Thai Airways (TG) roundtrip airfare only Baht 11,800 nett

Special Airfare from Bangkok - Siem Rap - Bangkok
* Bangkok Airways(PG) roundtrip airfare only Baht 11,800 nett
* President Airlines (TO) roundtrip airfare only Baht 8,200 nett

Bangkok Airways
International: Siem Reap - Bangkok
PP: #61A, Street 214
Tel: 023-426624
SR: #571, Rte #6
Tel: 063-380191
China Southern Airlines
International: Phnom Penh - Guangzhou
PP: #168, Monireth (A3)
Tel: 023-424588
Dragon Air
International: Phnom Penh - Hong Kong
PP: #168, Monireth (A4)
Tel: 023-424300
International: Phnom Penh - Taipei
PP: Suite 8A, #298, Mao Tse Toung
Tel: 023-210699
Lao Airlines
International: Phnom Penh - Vientiane, Hanoi; Siem Reap - Vientiane, Pakse
PP: 58c, Sihanouk
Tel: 023-216563
SR: #114, Rte. #6
Tel: 063-963283
Malaysia Airline (MAS)
International: Phnom Penh - Kuala Lumpur
PP: #172-184, Monivong
Tel: 023-218923
SR: At the Airport
Tel: 063-964135
PP: Suite 9B, #294, Mao Tse Toung
Tel: 023-224714
Tel: 063-760942
Royal Air Services
Charter flights
PP: Suite #2A, #168, Monireth

Tel: 023-881090

Royal Khmer Airlines
PP: #36B, 245 Mao Tse Toung Blvd
Tel: 023-994502

Siem Reap Airways
International: Siem Reap - Bangkok
PP: #65, Street 214
Tel: 023-720022
SR: #571, Rte #6
Tel: 023-380191
Silk Air
International: Phnom Penh - Singapore; Siem Reap - Singapore
PP: #219-B, MiCasa Hotel
Tel: 023-426808
Silk Air
International: Phnom Penh - Singapore; Siem Reap - Singapore
PP: #219-B, MiCasa Hotel
Tel: 023-426808
Vietnam Airlines
International: Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Vientiane; Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh City
PP: #41, Street 214
Tel: 023-363396
SR: #342 Ntl. Rte. #6
Tel: 063-964488

Border Crossing
Laos :
Currently, the border into Laos is not yet open others than Cambodians and Laotians, but officials in Champasak, Laos hope to open the border for everybody in the near future. There is still occasionally Khmer Rouge activity, so it's not absolutely safe.
Thailand :
There are several points for crossing the border between Thailand and Cambodia. Safety has improved a lot over the last few years. The border at Poipet is open to foreigners. The border is open before 8 am and closes at 6 pm. If you leave the country, you will have to pay USD 5 "leaving tax". The road to Siem Reap is in very bad condition, so that cars sometimes prefer the fields instead. It takes about 10 to 12 hours. Safety is not especially high. A place in the truck can be at THB 100. On the Thai side of the border, you can get taxis and motos to Aranya Prathet, about 4 km down the road. There is a bus station and a train station. Buses to Bangkok take about 5 hours and cost about THB 130 for aircon buses and THB 75 for non-aircon buses. At least two trains leave each day, one at 6:40 am and the other at 1 pm. You can get a visa for Cambodia directly at the border station. The border city of Pai Lin, 80 km southwest of Battambang is now also open to foreigners. Unfortunately, it seems not possible to get a visa at this border station. .The border crossing between Had Lek and Koh Kong is open, with many local people crossing each day. To cross, you'll need to travel by 'bathtub' boat, which is about USD 4 for foreigners. You can get a visa directly at the border station.
Aranyaprathet is open and legal to cross in both directions.
It is possible to cross at Ban Had lek, east of Trat, from where there is a boat transfer to Koh Kong and Sianoukville. From Sianoukville to Phnom Penh there is a regular air-conditioned coach service.
The only legal way to cross between Cambodia and Vietnam is at Moc Bai. There are daily bus services between Vietnam (Saigon) and Phnom Penh. The fare from Saigon is USD 10. If you want to go from Phnom Penh, pick up a shared taxi from the far side of the Japanese Bridge. After the border, you'll find plenty of cars to hire to Ho Chi Minh City. At the border at Moc Bai, the shared taxis have to park some two or three kilometers further along the road. If you do not want to walk, take a moto taxi. Prices are about KHR 1000, although the drivers will try to charge you USD 2 to 3.


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