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Bokor National ParkBokor National Park

Bokor, a 1000m plateau, is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, spans 1,400 square kilometers. But the park is now under threat by illegal hunting and logging, and has only 50rangers to protect it. A new conservation project is now underway and gives hope to Bokor's future. Rangers are being trained and equipped to patrol the park and work cooperatively with local communities. This project needs your help, please do not litter in the park. Entrance fees are the only source of income for basic operating costs. Enjoy your visit.

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Cambodia Bokor National ParkBokor National Park
Bokor National Park is located at the southern tip of the Elephant Mountains near the Cambodia Viet nam border. It was first accessed in 1916 and developed later as a famous altitude resort during the French Protectorate and Prince Norodom Sihanouk regime in the 60's. The hill station has been abandon twice in its history, once when the Vietnamese overran the place in the late 40's while fighting for independence against the French, and then again in 1972 when it was overran by the Khmer Rouge.

This Cambodian National Park was founded in 1993 and it consists of untouched jungle, waterfalls, rivers and much more. A fabulous view of both the Cambodian and Vietnamese coast and islands can be seen form the top as it is 1081 meters above sea level. Bokor National Park

Recently, the park has been receiving funding to focuses on protection, monitoring of wildlife and community out reach programs. Since this program began, poaching of endangered animals and illegal logging has diminished.

The Hill Station has only been open to tourist since 1997. It consist of a collection of French colonial buildings (hotel, church, casino, a royal residence etc.) constructed in the 1920's. It now resembles a surreal abandoned mid-western town in an American horror film. This infamous hill station still has an untouched and mysterious feel to it

Bokor hill station founded by French in 1922 for summer resort,
At the present only church and this hotel "Bokor Palace" remained of the past.

Bokor National Park


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